Meet Your 2017 HWTN Officers and Trustees

HWTN’s members elected a new slate of officers and trustees for 2017. Thank you all for your service to our group and our neighborhood!

Here’s a list of our 2017 officers:

2017 Executive Committee
President: Laurel Maney
President Elect: Gina Spang
VP Communications: Joan Miller
VP Membership: Lloyd Dickinson
VP Events: Andrew Brusky
Secretary: Sarah Streed
Treasurer: Donna Neal
Past President: Sally Peltz

Our 2017 trustees are:

Area 1 – Trustee / Term Number; Expiration
Laurel Maney (President Elect) / 1st term; extended (Pres Elect) through Dec 2019
Joan Miller (VP Communications) / 1st term; 2019
Lise Sadagopan / 2nd term; through December 2017
Tiffany Tinsey / 1st term; through December 2018
Stephanie Fitch Van Alyea / 1st term; through December 2017
Adrian Zilvetti / 1st term; through December 2017

Area 2 – Trustee / Term Number and Expiration
Jeff Bentoff / 1st term; is extended (VP of Comm) 1 year through 2017
Andrew Brusky / 1st term; is extended (VP of Events) 1 year through 2019
Lloyd Dickinson / 2nd term; through December 2018
George Gurria / 2nd term; through December 2018
Angie Kvidera / 1st term; 2019
Dawn McCarthy (Secretary) / 1st term; is extended (Secretary) 1 year through 2017
Donna Neal (Past Pres/Treasurer) / 1st term; is extended (Past Pres/Treasurer) 1 year through 2017
Sally Peltz (President) / 2nd term; is extended (Pres) 1 year through 2018
Toby Reynolds / 2nd term; through December 2017
Laura Shipley / 1st term; 2019

Area 3 – Trustee / Term Number and Expiration
Derek Brewer /  1st term; 2019
Richard Kimball / 2nd term; through December 2018
Roger Luhn / 1st term; through December 2018
Sandra McSweeney / 1st term; through December 2017
Gina Spang / 2nd term; through December 2018
Sarah Streed (Secretary) / 1st term; 2019
Bruce Thompson / 2nd term; through December 2018

HWTN Annual Meeting, Briefing on Proposed County and City Budgets Set for Wednesday Nov. 2

The proposed 2017 Milwaukee County and City of Milwaukee budgets will be presented by top officials at Historic Water Tower Neighborhood’s monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday Nov. 2, 2016.

Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman

Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman

Members also will be asked to vote on a slate of 2017 officers and trustees at HWTN’s annual meeting starting at 8:15 p.m. that evening.

Milwaukee County 3rd District Board Supervisor Sheldon A. Wasserman will discuss the proposed 2017 Milwaukee County budget. Discussion will include updates on the Historic Lake Park Concrete Footbridge. Wasserman was elected to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors on April 5, 2016, to represent the residents of Milwaukee County’s 3rd District, which includes Milwaukee’s Eastside, the Village of Shorewood and the Village of Whitefish Bay.

Ald. Nik Kovac

Ald. Nik Kovac

City of Milwaukee 3rd District Alderman Nik Kovac will discuss the proposed 2017 City of Milwaukee budget. Ald. Kovac has been alderman for Milwaukee’s 3rd District, which includes the East Side, Riverwest and north Downtown neighborhoods, since April 2008. He serves as chair of the City Information Management Committee; Vice-Chair of the Milwaukee Arts Board; and a member of the Public Works Committee, Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee; Library Board; and Deferred Compensation Board.

Members should watch their mail for the list of proposed 2017 officers and trustees.  All members are eligible to vote.

The meeting takes place in the Marcia Coles Community Room in Lake Park Pavilion, below Lake Park Bistro. Complimentary coffee and cookies provided by Lake Park Bistro will be available starting at 6:45 p.m. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Meet HWTN’s 2016 Officers and Trustees

Historic Water Tower Neighborhood membership has elected our 2016 officers and trustees. Here’s who will be serving as leaders of HWTN during 2016. Thanks for your service, folks!


2016 Executive Committee / Officers

President: Sally Peltz

President Elect: Unfilled

VP Communications: Jeff Bentoff

VP Membership: Laurel Maney

VP Events: Andy Brusky

Secretary: Dawn McCarthy

Treasurer: Donna Neal


2016 Area Trustees (3-Year Terms):

Area 1

Mary Beth Geraci – Exp 2016

Laurel Maney – Exp 2018

Lise Sadagopan – Exp 2017

Tiffany Tinsey – Exp 2018

Stephanie Fitch Van Alyea – Exp 2017

Adrian Zilvetti – Exp 2017


Area 2

Jeff Bentoff – Exp 2016

Andrew Brusky – Exp 2018

Lloyd Dickinson – Exp 2018

George Gurria – Exp 2018

Dawn McCarthy – Exp 2016

Donna Neal – Exp 2016

Sally Peltz – Exp 2017

Toby Reynolds – Exp 2017


Area 3

Richard Kimball – Exp 2018

Roger Luhn – Exp 2018

Sandra McSweeney – Exp 2016

Gina Spang – Exp 2018

Bruce Thompson – Exp 2018

New Officers, Trustee Elected for 2014

Two new officers and one new trustee have been unanimously elected to serve on the Historic Water Tower Neighborhood board in 2014.

VP-Special Events Lise Sadagopan displays cupcakes decorated with North Point Water Towers. Members enjoyed the cupcakes and other treats at the meeting to celebrate HWTN's 40th anniversary.

VP-Special Events Lise Sadagopan displays cupcakes decorated with North Point Water Towers. Members enjoyed the cupcakes and other treats at the meeting to celebrate HWTN’s 40th anniversary.

At our group’s Nov. 6, 2013, annual meeting, Trustee Donna Neal was elected as 2014 president elect, and she’ll serve as president in 2015. Sandra McSweeney, the current president-elect, will become president for 2014. Trustee Adrian Zilvetti was elected VP-Special Events for next year, and member Colin Scanes was elected as a new Area 3 trustee.

Re-elected for 2014 were current VP-Communications Jeff Bentoff, Secretary Dawn McCarthy, Treasurer Donna Neal and Trustee Sally Peltz. We currently have an open VP-membership position.

At the annual meeting, trustees thanked three outgoing officers for their years of service — President Lloyd Dickinson, VP-Special Events Lise Sadagopan and VP-Membership Thea Kovac. Lloyd served as president for 2012 and 2013. Lise and Thea have served for multiple years in their current positions but did not seek re-election for 2014. In 2014, Lloyd will serve as immediate past president, and Lise and Thea will remain as trustees.

Members also celebrated HWTN’s 40th anniversary with treats and champagne. VP-Communications Jeff Bentoff gave a presentation on our group’s history, and Ald. Nik Kovac presented the board and members with a proclamation honoring the group for its anniversary and contributions to the neighborhood. In another proclamation, Mayor Barrett had declared the day “Historic Water Tower Neighborhood Day.” More info on our group’s history is available at and