HWTN Supports Additional Police Officers, Retaining Police Overtime

UPDATE 4:30 p.m. Nov. 7, 2014 :

The Common Council voted today to approve the mayor’s proposal for 12 new police officers in 2015 and to keep overtime at current levels, retaining the full-time equivalent of another 15 officers. Historic Water Tower Neighborhood voted earlier this week in favor of the new officers and maintaining current overtime funding, and against cutting both (see Nov. 6 post below). Here’s the mayor’s statement today after the vote:

Dear Resident:

Today, the Milwaukee Common Council passed the City of Milwaukee’s 2015 budget. I want to thank the Council for including the 12 additional police recruits. This means that in 2015, 85 officers will be ready for deployment. The Council also approved the full overtime amount I had submitted and which was requested by Chief Flynn.

I want to thank all of you who took an interest and the time to weigh-in on the public safety issues. Your voices came through and I really do appreciate how much you all care about our great City and our neighborhoods. Thank you.

As I said yesterday, budgets are about priorities and funding the services we can afford. On the way to striking that balance, there will be disagreements and honest differences of opinion. I believe that the budget that passed today, despite the bumps in the road, strikes the right balance.

I thank Council President Michael Murphy and Alderman Nik Kovac, Chair of the Finance and Personnel Committee, for their leadership, candor and ideas.

I want to acknowledge Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, Alderman Terry Witkowski and Alderman Joe Dudzik for their diligence and oversight as the budget was being reviewed and amended at the Finance Committee. It was at the Committee level that Compete Milwaukee, our transitional jobs program, children and family trauma specialists, Community Service Officers and additional nuisance property inspectors were fully vetted. These initiatives, along with our Strong Neighborhoods Program, will help strengthen and maintain our neighborhoods.

I also want to thank all members of the Council who added value to debate and voted in favor of the budget.

Together, we are building a stronger Milwaukee. We have more work to do and I look forward to your continued enthusiasm and collaboration.

Once again, thank you.


Tom Barrett


Posted Thursday Nov. 6, 2014:

The Historic Water Tower Neighborhood Board of Trustees voted Nov. 5 to support Mayor Tom Barrett’s proposal to add 12 police officers in 2015 and retain existing police overtime.

MJS w_bikecop 04 , mjs, news_DeSisti_0673.jpgThe vote followed Common Council committee amendments to delete the 12 new officers from the 2015 budget and reduce police overtime funding for 15 full-time-equivalents of police officers.

The Common Council votes on the amendments on Friday Nov. 7.

To learn more about the various positions, please read the HWTN letter to Ald. Nik Kovac, the mayor’s letter to the public and a news release from several aldermen, as well as a recent Journal Sentinel story.

To tell your elected officials how you feel about this issue, email Ald. Kovac and / or Mayor Barrett.