HWTN 2013 Spring Parks Clean-Up Another Big Success

When you’re out enjoying beautiful Back Bay Park and Water Tower Park this summer, be aware of the work of about a dozen HWTN members, including several children, who spent the morning of April 20 filling around 25 bags with bottles, cans, glass, plastic, paper and a lot of unimaginable yuck to make these scenic green spaces even more enjoyable and beautiful.

IMG_4358As part HWTN’s 2rd Annual Parks Spring Clean-Up, our hearty and hard-working volunteers filled 14 28-gallon bags with garbage and 12 13-gallon bags with recycleables. In addition to cleaning the main areas of the parks, we picked up garbage all the way to the bottom of the hill in Back Pay Park and off of about 80% of the bluff near Water Tower Park.

Parts of the parks haven’t been cleaned in years — among the older items we uncovered was an 8-track tape! Check out a photo album of our team, refreshments and garbage from the fulfilling morning. Special thanks to VP of Events Lise Sadagopan for bringing morning treats and organizing the event. Others who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in included Jeff Bentoff, Linda Gaalaas, Thea Kovac, Jeff Loss, Rich Russell, Ava Viohl, Bridget Viohl, Adrian Zilvetti, Antonio Zilvetti and Nicco Zilvetti.

Hope to see you in HWTN parks this summer, and at our 3rd annual clean-up in 2014!

Help clean up the HWTN on Saturday morning April 20

HWTN’s Annual Spring Neighborhood Clean Up is set for Saturday April 20 from 9 a.m. to noon. We’ll start in Back Bay Park, then move to Water Tower Park and, if there’s time, Gilman’s Triangle. Join us for a morning of fun public service with your neighbors. Bring your kids, too!

See below for details, and be sure to check out photos from last year’s clean up.

HWTN Clean up April 2013


HWTN spring parks cleanup a huge success

HWTN volunteers including children fanned out across area parks on a crisp but sunny April 21 and collected 10 bags brimming with trash and recycables and all kinds of odd objects — a leather boot, a pair of binoculars, an air conditioner grill. Our parks are beautiful, and they’ll be even more attractive this spring and summer thanks to the hardy HWTN members who pitched in. See you in the parks!

Check out some of the photos from our morning of hard work!