Neighborhood History Through Newspapers

Some selected newspaper clippings about the neighborhood:

The East Side – A Way of Living – Milwaukee Journal (1968)

House Detective – Milwaukee Sentinel (1978)

Book Captures North Point’s Charm – Milwaukee Journal (1981)

Life of Stewardship – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1995)

North Point’s Riches – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (1999)

Trusting in Preservation – City LifeStyle (2003)

Prairie Discovery – Old-House Interiors (2003)

North Point Tower – Milwaukee Water Works (2005)

Great Places in America: East Newberry Boulevard – American Planning Association (2009)

Old House Interiors – Prairie Discovery (2003)

At Home With Barbara and Bob Elsner – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2009

Blue Ribbon Home by Any Standard – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2010)

The Lost Wagon – Milwaukee Magazine (2010)

Century-old Wright home has served family since 1955 – Journal Sentinel (2016)

The following historic newspaper articles about the North Point Water Tower were found using the Google News Archive. However, the archive is no longer functional, so the links do not work at this time. Journal Sentinel says it’s in the process of restoring the archive. Once that happens, we’ll add the new links for these stories. 

“A Beautiful Tower; The Ornamental Standpipe at North Point is Famous; Textbooks Allude to It” – Milwaukee Journal: June 22, 1895

“North Point Water Tower Monument to C.A. Gombert” – Milwaukee Journal: Nov. 14, 1920

“Lake Front Water Tower Has Stood Sentry Nearly 50 Years” – Milwaukee Journal: Jan. 8, 1922

“The Old Water Tower Defies The Years” – Milwaukee Journal: Nov. 12, 1944

“Memories of the Water Tower” – Milwaukee Journal: Nov. 18, 1944

“A Birthday Party for the Water Tower” – Milwaukee Journal: Oct. 16, 1973

19th Century Milwaukee newspapers can be searched in the Milwaukee Public Library’s online Library Database (online cardholder account required):

A “title list” of available newspapers by state and city can be viewed in the left-hand column of the database website after you’ve logged on. Milwaukee newspapers include the Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Sentinel and Yenowine’s Illustrated News.