Passing of the HWTN President’s Gavel

The Passing of the HWTN President’s Gavel

Thank you President Laurel Maney for your fabulous leadership and incredible dedication in spearheading our HWTN this past year.  Your hours of non-stop efforts organizing the monthly meeting speakers who presented and shared great knowledge of our neighborhoods, your leadership in advising us on issues within our community which needed addressing, your commitment to making our Association stronger, and helping us become a better neighborhood team…we extend our gratitude.  We all look forward to continuing our relationship with you in your new role of Past President advisor and VP of Membership.  Bravo Laurel.

Newly President Elect, Gina Spang, we wish you a most successful year, and we all support you.  We are a team and want to help you in any efforts.  Welcome new President.

Milwaukee Marathon – Sunday, October 15, 2017


Please be advised that some of our HWTN roads will be closed on Sunday, October 15th due to the marathon…not this Sunday as previously stated.  Please read the letter below that was sent by race organizers to HWTN so that we could let you know of this event.

HWTN Notification 2017



HWTN 2017 September Home & Garden Party

HWTN 2017 September Home & Garden Party

Many thanks to Charmaine and Kurt Gunderson for hosting a HWTN garden party of perfection. Smiles and great conversations happened throughout the lovely evening!


HWTN 2017 August Home & Garden Party

HWTN 2017 August Home & Garden Party

Thank you Kristen and Lloyd Dickinson for hosting a magnificent HWTN August Garden Party. All our members enjoyed your gracious hospitality, delicious buffet, and tour of your spectacular home.


HWTN 2017 July Home & Garden Party

HWTN 2017 July Home & Garden Party

Fabulous neighbors, lots of laughter and many smiles!  Best neighborhood, ever!