HWTN has worked tirelessly since its founding in 1973 to carry out its mission — promoting historic preservation and preserving the residential quality of life in our unique neighborhood. Some of our recent accomplishments include:

  • Winning state approval of resident-only parking near UWM.
  • Stopping the proposed demolition of the historic 1908 St. Mary’s Hospital building across from the Water Tower.
  • Convincing Columbia St. Mary’s to locate its new main hospital building west of Lake Drive instead of between Lake and Terrace Avenue, on an historic residential street.
  • Winning an agreement that Columbia St. Mary’s will sell property on Terrace Avenue for quality, new-home construction.
  • Stopping Milwaukee County from replacing Lincoln Memorial Drive’s historic harp lights with freeway-style cobra lights.
  • Preventing Milwaukee County from removing the pedestrian bridge between Wahl Avenue and the historic Bradford Beach Pavilion.

HWTN initiative resulted in installation of neighborhood signs in 2011

  • Negotiating with UWM to require that the new Kenilworth dorms primarily house married couples, graduates and seniors instead of freshman.
  • Paying for costly neighborhood surveys that resulted in the entire neighborhood being placed on the National Register of Historic Places — which makes our homeowners eligible for 25% state income tax credits for renovations.
  • Spinning off a group that successfully restored and opened to the public the 1888 North Point Lighthouse.
  • Worked to convince Milwaukee County to include in its lease for private operation of the Bradford Beach Pavilion provisions that will protect the rights of homeowners living nearby while allowing increased public use of the beach.
  • Supporting Wahl Avenue residents who raised private funds and reached an agreement with Milwaukee County for vista pruning along the public rights-of-way.
  • Preventing a Columbia St. Mary’s skywalk over Lake Drive.
  • Avoiding a potential permanent closure for Columbia St. Mary’s of Lake Drive between North and Downer Avenues.
  • Initiated city installation of about 40 neighborhood signs, including making a donation of about $3,000, developing the design and negotiating with the city for approval

From 1973 through 1987, HWTN succeeded in making other important improvements to our neighborhood. These are listed here : HWTN Accomplishments 1973-87.pdf