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View We Energies’ June 1 Presentation on New Poles, Expansion Program

Top We Energies officials spoke and took questions at our June 1 meeting to address neighborhood concerns about new, larger utility poles being installed in the area.

Thelma Sias, Vice President-Local Affairs, and David Effertz, Manager-Customer Service Engineering/ Design-Major Projects, were invited to speak due to numerous concerns.

Here is a link to the presentation explaining We Energies’ construction activities in our area.



HWTN monthly meetings on sum- sum- summertime break until Sept. 7

As we always do, HWTN is taking a break from monthly meetings in July and August. We’ll be back at 7 p.m. Sept. 7. Enjoy the summer months — we’ve all earned some good weather!

Looking Up Bradford Beach Milwaukee

Looking Up Bradford Beach Milwaukee