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Milwaukee police issue warning about car thefts and auto break-ins

Police Advisory: June 22, 2015

The Milwaukee Police Department has emailed us about a rash of recent crimes in our area.

They’re advising residents to be aware of belongings left in autos, and that entries to autos are up.

2509MPD reports that Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth autos are being targeted for theft, and that a group of five to six people are stealing autos and using them for armed robberies in other districts.

For further information, contact Officer Jose A. Alba, District #1 Community Liaison Officer, at 414-935-7701 or

Next HWTN Meeting Sept. 9; Member Home and Garden Parties on Tap

As is our custom, HWTN is taking the summer off from monthly meetings, with none scheduled in July or August.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday Sept. 9. That is the second Wednesday of the month instead of the usual first Wednesday.

Enjoy your summer, and members, be sure to watch emails for invitations to free HWTN Home and Garden Parties scheduled for June 20, August 8 and possibly other dates.

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